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Lakhimpur Pincode / Post Office Search (KHERI, Uttar Pradesh)

Aggar Khurd B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Alipur B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Ambarsot B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Atkohana B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Badagaon B.O 262726LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Baherwa B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Banika B.O 262725LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Banjaria B.O 262726LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Barkherwa B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Basaha B.O 262726LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Behjam S.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Bel B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Bhira Ghanshi B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Bhoolanpur B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Bijhauli B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Chakai B.O 262726LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Daudpur B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Deokali B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Dhusaru B.O 262725LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Fardhan B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Ganeshpur B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Gaura B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Gauria B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Gopalapur B.O 262702LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kaimahra B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kalaam B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Karanpur B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kasta B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kathkusuma B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Khambhar Khera B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Khanpur Gurela B.O 262725LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kheri H.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kheri Town S.O 262702LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Kothia B.O 262726LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Lagucha S.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Lakhaha B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Lakhimpur S.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Lakhperaganj B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Laukiha B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Lokesor B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Madhwapur Barola B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Mahangukhera B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Mahewa Ganj S.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Mahewaganj B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Manyora B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Meerpur B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Midania B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Mohammadpur Mahewa B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Mohola B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Motipur B.O 262725LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Mudia Khera B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Murtiha B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Naibasti S.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Nakha S.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Nauapur Ghat B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Neemgaon B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Nizampur-nighati B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Oel S.O (Kheri) 262725LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Pahara B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Paila B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Patna Baijnatpurwa B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Piparawan B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Piparia Form B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Pipra Form B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Pipra Goom B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Pratappur B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Rabahi B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Gokul B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Rangila Nagar B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Ratasia B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Razaganj B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Rudrapur Kallan B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sadhauna B.O 262721LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Saidipur Harraiya B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sakethu B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sanigawan B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sankata Devi S.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sarsawa B.O 262728LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Shankarpur B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sharda Nagar S.O 262726LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Shivpuri S.O (Kheri) 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sisaura B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Siyathu B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Srinagar B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Sunderwal B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Tetarpur B.O 261506LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Tikar B.O 262725LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Tikaula B.O 261501LakhimpurUttar Pradesh
Udaipur Mahewa B.O 262701LakhimpurUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.